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Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais

I noticed that someone from Frank Wildman’s organization put a listing on FeldenkraisFinder about his new Feldenkrais training in Eugune, Oregon. Click the link to check it out! Also, more practitioners are adding classes and workshops to the Feldenkrais Events pages. Feldenkrais event and practitioner listings are free for now. Though there is small charge to list practitioner training.

Having your practice listed on Feldenkrais Finder is just like having your own mini-website. It will show up on Google when people search for various terms such as your name, city and state and specialty. Make sure to use words in your listing that you think people might search for in Google. Here is a great title from Carol Bucher in Reno, Nevada:

Notice how Carol also uploaded some pictures of herself doing the work in various contexts. Cool beans!

When the site reaches a certain critical mass, I will spend some $$$$ on advertising, but I want at least 100 more listings before I do that….

There are 1000’s of Feldenkrais practitioners all over the world. Let’s make sure people know that.


August 13, 2014 |

Feldenkrais Finder Overview: Short Video On The Awesomeness!!


Update: For a few days, we are offering, free 1-year listings. You can add a link to your website, description of your practice and classes and anything else you might like! Check it out: register and create your own listing for FREE. If you are already a registered member, just login and create your listing. You can also advertise your classes and events.

Take a few minutes and see why “Feldenkrais Finder” is such a big improvement over what we have had in the Feldenkrais Community. It is not just that the site is better looking than the other options and has photos and a simple, easy user interface. Nor is it just that it will soon be the largest Feldenkrais directory in the world and one that looks great on ANY device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone…nor that it is a fantastic way to promote your practice and get a higher ranking for your website. There is more to consider…

Feldenkrais Finder Overview

***Click the little boxy arrow thingy on the bottom right hand side of the video so that you can see the video fullscreen.

***Click the little boxy arrow thingy on the bottom right hand side of the video so that you can see the video fullscreen.

See the home page. Click to register and create your own listing for FREE..

August 8, 2014 |

Welcome To Feldenkrais Finder….


This is a strange blog post for me to write because as I write it, I not only have no audience on this website (it has not launched yet) but I also do not know exactly how it will look when you first read it as the Feldenkrais Finder website is changing on a weekly basis. I am playing around with different configurations, different functionality and look and such.

But anyway, here it is: The first post on Bit by bit, the site is coming into view.

The Current FeldenkraisFinder Challenge!

As I spoke about in my pre-launch video about Feldenkrais Finder, a major issue in creating a viable website to find practitioners is that any site has to be valuable to the public. That is, the site needs to be so valuable and complete that people looking for a Feldenkrais practitioner will not only like the site but find it so useful that they will share it with friends and recommend to others. In order to have that happen, I believe FeldenkraisFinder will need to be the most complete directory of Feldenkrais practitioners on the planet. That is, a person must be able to find any Feldenkrais practitioner in the world, regardless of where they live and regardless of what organizational affiliation they have.

However, I am having a problem setting that functionality up. It is easy to make it so that anyone can have a basic directory listing with name, address, phone number etc. However, I also want to have paid listings that would include additional options such as having a link to one’s personal website, specialties and the like. Right now, it seems that I can only have one or the other (paid or free). But I am diligently working on a solution.

I will keep you posted.


August 4, 2014 |
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